Unique and individual drawings and illustrations
      Otto Götzl commissioned works

Drawings and illustrations:
- Still life
- Portrait persons
- Portrait animals
- Landscape

Biography Otto Götzl

Born 1948 in Quenstedt/ Eisleben

1952-1977 resident in Bad Münder

1966 Abitur (diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission) at Schiller-Gymnasium in Hameln

1966 - 1972 studying Graphic design at the University of Applied Science of Hanover (Fachhochschule Hannover), free original drawing and painting in watercolours with Prof. Hanns Jatzlau

1972 diploma of graphic design

Since 1972 freelance work for advertising agencies and publishing houses

Since 1977 resident in Hanover

Since 1985 working in the field of illustration in particular for teaching aid publishing houses such as Schroedel, Cornelsen and Klett

Since about 1995 animated and influenced by the graphic work of the German artist Horst Janssen, increasingly concentrated on free original drawing and painting in watercolours, at first still lifes, then portraits

Since 2006 teaching original drawing at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover (one of the most significant/ important museums of 20th and 21st-century arts)

Beekeweg 12
30966 Hemmingen

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